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Voice of The Rsis (An Epilogue to Devayana Third Epic of India with CD)

Voice of The Rsis (An Epilogue to Devayana Third Epic of India with CD)
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Item Code: IHK006
Author: Dr. Hajari& Amita Nathwani
Publisher: New Age Books
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788178223353
Pages: 282
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
weight of the book: 430 gms
Back of the Book

The Voice of the Rsis is a complementary volume to the great epic Devayana and to the Glimpse of Devayana already published in English. This anthology of Mantras from the Vedas and Upanishads is interpreted here with simplicity and clarity to their utmost beauty. These mantras refers to many events mentioned in the Devayana prove that these are not imaginary but they in fact have existed for aeons in our Vedas. Upanishads and the epics. The approaching golden age was a promise made to us long ago by the Vedic Rsis.

The Vision of the Rsis provides us with an eloquent revelation and explanation. It offers us a provocative challenge to the accepted view of our scriptures Dr. Hajari has interpreted these mantras with sensitivity and refinement. A must read for all those who are interested in finding a new insight into the mantras that are a part our daily life.

To helps us prepare the advent of the golden age and audio CD welcome to the golden age with the relevant mantras is enclosed.

About the Author

Dr. Hajari was born in Khulna now in Bangladesh on 16 September 1917. At the age of 18 he followed his guru Sri Aurobindo to his Ashram in Pondicherry where he lived till he passed away on 23 December 1978. While in the Ashram Dr. Hajari served as a homeopathic Doctor and in that capacity became well known by treating patients with incurable diseases during the early 1950s he wrote the Devayana.


Real knowledge does not come with reading or chanting mantras alone. It comes only with realization. In India we had the Vedas for thousands of years yet their knowledge and wisdom had receded in the background for centuries. We did not understand them rightly as we failed to untangle the knots of their symbolic language. The Brahmins chanted them at every religious occasion. It took the form of a ritual. Still we knew and believed in our innermost being that these visions of the ancient Rsis articulated the ultimate truths of our existence. Then the British came to India and colonized the country. They tried to fathom what was in these ancient scriptures. They also failed to understand the symbolic language.

The result was that we suffered pain and humiliation and believed that our culture and beliefs were dramatically inferior to the west. Now we realize that the west was trying to interpret this cast bulk to knowledge of the ancient seers in an over simplistic manner. Later on came Swami Dayanand Saraswati who showed us how to revere and worship the Vedas in our daily life. A new dimension began to open in front of us. Then came Sri Aurobindo with his dazing mastery of English and other European languages. He mastered Sanskrit as well and unfolded to us portions of the Vedas in his grandiose poetic style. We glimpsed the secrets of the Vedas in English language and were enthralled. A greater knowledge opened up in front of humanity. We received information for making our lives spiritual. The world realized the reality of a greater being and bigger power a grand consciousness and the delight of its existence came within our reach.

The revered Vedas the secret book of wisdom the work of Indian sages and seers who had received the knowledge in their illumined minds were opened up for us. Still this particular knowledge remained unfolded only to a select few since then another century has passed. I feel that we are now ready to receive this secret knowledge with a new light illumining them.

The voice of the Rsis by Dr. Hajari is for everyone to understand. Certain parts of the secrets knowledge of the Vedic truth are presented in a simple language. It is an epilogue to Devayana the third epic of India written by Dr. Hajari in which he opens up a new vista. Until now what was obscure is there to be absorbed by one and all. Never in history before have so many people around the world expressed their desire to understand the Vedic Realizations as today. It is simply because the day has come for the truth to descend for humanity to march a step forward in the evolution for the golden age to come. This book will prove to be landmark on this path.

I am grateful to prashant Khanna of Delhi who was kind enough to read and elucidate the matter of this book. My sincere thanks are to Prathibha Jobanputra of Mumbai and K.J. Somaiya of bharatiya Sanskrit Peetam who provided the original Sanskrit texts of the mantras and their references and sources. Amongst those who evinced keen interest in the progress of this book I must mention the names of my mother Dr. Indira sardana my daughter in law Radhika and my nephew Nishin from Canada. Above all I am indebted to my husband Nilesh for his encouragement and patience during the long hours of silence in which this book was being prepared. I conclude with expressing my deep gratitude to Dr. Hajari who gave me the opportunity to become a part of this enthralling adventure making it possible for me to dive deeply in the vast ocean of this Vedic knowledge.


While waiting to publish the magnificent Devayana, I sought answers to certain queries that I received from people interested in the new epic. To find an answer to these questions I had to meditate and go deep within myself. Through that meditation one day the immortal Rsis appeared in front of me their luminous bodies. They told me to announce the beginning of the golden age on the earth which will come about through the manifestation of saryadeva. They told me that the world was going through a period that was without peace full of upheavals fears and great sorrows. They answered all of my innermost question and provided reference from the Vedas which in their view would additionally prove the authenticity of the divine epic. The mantras they quoted are known to the learned Brahmins and Pundits but the meaning that they provided was at once very novel but also so appropriate that one wonders why we did not see that earlier.

I hereby announce the advent of the golden age on the earth. I call upon all human beings to take refuge in Devayana from the attacks of vital enemies and hostile forces. Then mankind would become liberated from all diseases infirmities and death and enter under the protection of the lord of truth Satyadeva.

To enter into the golden age men need the power of mantras through which they can be freed from the compulsive control of the dark kali Yuga. At the previous transition of the ages namely from the silver to the Bronze age mankind received the Ramayana and the name of Rama the Rama mantra as a protection form the Bronze to the Iron age they received the Mahabharata and the name of Krsna the krsna mantra. At the end of the iron age they received and recited the hare Rama Hare Krsna mantra.


Foreword xi
Publisher’s Note xiii
Preface xv
1Revelation of the Vedas 1
2Voice of the Rsis 7
3The Status of Mind 13
4Meditation on Deva, the truth 19
5Modern and ancient civilization 23
6Necessity of Great Epic 33
7Hymns to the Devayana 41
8The Power of Manifestation of the Great Epic 47
9Place for Manifestation of Truth 53
10Hymns of Agni for the land of India 61
11Usa Dawn of golden light 67
12The Rsis Call for the Truth 71
13The Beginning of Dawn and the
Descent of the Devayana
14Agni opening the path for the descent of deva 79
15Prophet of immortality 89
16Abhivarta from mind to super mind 93
17Visvakarma the work of transformation 101
18Hymns for the age of truth 109
19Suhava power of truth for the immortality 121
20Time for the manifestation of Devayana 139
21Satyndeva leads us to immortality 151
22Two Great powers for the Manifestation of truth 159
23Being Attains Siva The Supramental Consciousness 167
24Conquest of death 171
25Perfection of life the life divine 175
26Truth and falsehood 181
27The Divine person immortality 187
28The age of truth time as pingala Mahesvara 197
29Darbhya the spiritual superman 205
30The Divine Vanga Bengal 209
31The Voice of truth Satyadeva 221
32The manifestation of peace 233
33Mantras to welcome the golden age 235
Glossary 239

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