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The Water of Life

The Water of Life
Item Code: NAX808
Author: J.W. Armstrong
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788177691382
Pages: 220
Other Details: 6.00 X 4.00 inch
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Hippocrates, the great priest of medicine, advised the physician to accept the help of the laity in the treatment of disease, but his advice has seldom been followed. This statement sums up the general apathy of the general public towards their own well-being. The ignorance of the masses with respect to their health is quite amazing. Even the so-called educated and knowing people put their bodies, quite open heartedly, through the most strenuous tortures. The increase in prosperity in the Western world has now brought a much larger number of people in contact with diseases formerly only found amongst the very rich landed classes. Famous for their gluttony and greed at the table, they ate far beyond their requirements and in later life became the victims of gout and many other associated afflictions. Now not only do people overfeed and over drink themselves but they also select the mostunsuitable foods and beverages with which to do it.

It is this ignorance and apathy to their overall well-being, which eventually leads them to the doors of the medical profession for aid. It is at this point that the more discerning have begun to question the infallibility of this closed community. Unfortunately the people in general are ready to accept whatever the doctor has to say without question. This does not mean to say that we should ignore their well-meant advice, but we should not follow blindly without reasoning whatever they have to say. It is this blind belief in the medical profession that the vast majority have been conditioned to develop that the author warns us of. The use of serums and vaccines is one area that comes very much under suspicion. It may be remembered that certain vaccines have proven themselves more harmful than useful. In the late fifties the use of the Salk vaccine for polio led to a large number of deaths in the United States and elsewhere. When it was finally removed people were warned against its use, a little like closing the gate after the horse had bolted. Smallpox vaccination has now been universally suspended as it was found that it was causingmore infant deaths than the dreaded disease itself. The list goes on.

Day by day the medicines that we are prescribed not only become more and more ex-pensive but also stronger and stronger. No longer are the simple medicines of our childhood appropriate or sufficient to meet our needs. It has been proved that many of the viruses and other forms of disease have now themselves evolved into drug resistant monsters, which medical science is fighting to compete with. In a recent survey it was stated that Tuberculosis, which many advanced countries were proud to say they had conquered and were on the point of eradicating, has once again raised its head in the form of a new mutant strain, which is till date drug resistant. This is especially so when it is combined with AIDS.

It is so sad that in our search for advancement we have ourselves become its slaves and bow our heads at the altar of new discoveries. It is also very true that many of the reasons for this are our slow but sure moves away from the more natural ways of living. As the author has said since we ourselves have evolved and taken our place upon this planet it is almostcertain that like other creatures we had our own internal immune systems, which served us well and kept us safe from most ailments, which in general proved to be the result of our bodies cleansing themselves of unnecessary waste toxins, which had accumulated there.

Deficient and over refined foods poorly cooked or prepared, insufficient interaction with the natural environment, combined with a drug phobia, drives us to run for the shelter of broad-spectrum antibiotics when simply fresh air and a balanced diet would have sufficed. All have contributed to our weakened and unhealthy physiques. It is from this abnormal situation that we have to return to a more natural way of life.


By those many people who have derived and are still deriving benefit from Urine-Therapy, I have repeatedly been asked to write a book, but hitherto I have demurred. First, because the necessary leisure has been lacking, and secondly, because I am averse to any form of self-advertisement. However, realizing that a thing, which is put off too long may never be accomplished at all, I have finally decided to yield to persuasions, and this treatise is largely compiled from notes, case sheets and letters. Other reasons for giving out my experience to the world will become apparent to the reader in due course. I am fully aware that the publication of a book is attended with certain indirect drawbacks; one is that the writer may be inundated with letters, and another is that, if he is a practitioner, he may be inundated with patients, who may apply to him care of his publishers. As I am not touting for patients thatwas a further reason why I wished to delay writing this book. But now that it is going forth to the public, the following must be emphasized: -

First: -A law having been passed making it now illegal for any but a qualified medical practitioner to declare he can cure certain specific diseases-cancer being one-it should be noted that all case-histories relative to such diseases mentioned in this book are those of patients treated prior to the passing of the law in question. I am not in a position to state whether the law can be stretched so far as to make it illegal for a layman even to say he has cured such disorders in the past; put if so, then, in accordance with the medical dictum, one is forced to assume that where any such dis-eases have yielded to other than orthodox treatment, they have perforce been wrongly diagnosed!

Second: -As the therapy to be outlined in this book is an entirely drugless system of healing and is a specific for health and not for any given disease, diagnosis plays no practical part in the treatment. Thus, although the chapters are headed with the names of various disorders, itis merely for the sake of literary expedience and to show that they have proved amenable to the general treatment.

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