Bhakt Prahlad (DVD)

Bhakt Prahlad (DVD)

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C. NarayanmurthiMoser Baer Entertainment Ltd.(2010)
About the DVD

S.V. Rangarao, Anjali Devi, L. Vijayalaxmi, Geetanjali & Baby Roja Ramni

Verapan & Company's
Directed By: C. Narayanmurthi
Music: S. Rajeshwar Rao, Raj Gopal – Krishnan
Lyrics: P. L. Santoshi

Hiranyaksha, brother of the King Asuras Hiranyakashyapu, was in the habit of challenging the Devas. One such act of arrogance results in his death at the hands of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyapu enraged by his brother’s death swears revenge on Lord Vishnu and Prays to Brahma for some special powers he would not be killed by either a man or woman neither in the house nor outside it neither in the day not the night neither in the sky nor on the land and not be killed by any weapon created by Brahma…. In his absence Indra leads an attack on the asuras and defeats them. Lord Indra spots Hiranyakashyapu’s pregnant wife Kayadhu and drags her out of the palace with the intention of killing the child after it is born.

Telling him that the child is going to be a devotee of Lord Vishnu, Narada gives refuge to Kayadhu till her child is born enriching her with teachings about Lord Vishnu. The child Pralhad absorbs Narada’s teaching.

Meanwhile, Hiranyakashyapu pleases Brahma who grants him.

When Hiranyakashyapu realize that his son is a fervent worshipper of Vishnu he is enraged. He tells Shan and Amak to change Pralhad’s way of thinking but fail. Hiranyakashyapu orders his son to be killed.

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