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CDs & DVDs > Indian Classical Music > Convergence (Where Sarangi Meets Sitar (Audio CD)
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Convergence (Where Sarangi Meets Sitar (Audio CD)

Convergence (Where Sarangi Meets Sitar (Audio CD)

Convergence (Where Sarangi Meets Sitar (Audio CD)

Sold Out

Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan
Mystica Music (2008)

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Convergence (Where Sarangi Meets Sitar (Audio CD)
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About the CD

Fateh Ali, Murad Ali, Aman Nath, Talvin Singh, Dr.Aneesh Pradhan, Pt. Fateh Singh Gangani.


An invitation to embark on the blissful journey, Infinity expands the awareness, opens the door to infinite space, and takes one on the voyage to peace and tranquility. With a new variation in harmony, this track is based on a cool jazz arrangement.

Deja vu (Lyrics by Jigar Moradabadi)

This track resonates with the past memories and invokes the feeling of remembrance that echoes deep in heart.


Invoking the memories of Autumn, this track spells silence after the rushing breeze of this season. As the blowing wind scatters leaves all over the earth and makes it appear like gold, the uplifting melody in this track reflects the splendor of Autumn.

Ode to Granada

Contemplative yet upbeat! This is an Ode to Granada (a Spanish city), well- known as the city of musicians.

Colour of love (Lyrics by Hazrat Amir Khusrau)

This song paints the landscape of love with the traditional composition, Mohe apne hi rang mein rang de rangeele, penned down by the legend Hazrat Amir Khusrau. The great prolific poet, Amir Khusrau is also credited with the inventions of Tabla and sitar. This track is our tribute to this great virtuous legend.

Saturday night in Delhi

Intoxicating! Truly a celebrative high energy track, reflecting the usual rock sound of Delhi.


Enchanting rhythms and ambient soundscapes in this track tempt to delve underneath the active perceptions to experience sheer relaxation and stillness.

Aurora's Dream

In ancient Roman mythology, Aurora- the goddess of the down renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. A myth taken from the Greek eos by Roman poets tells that one of her lovers was the prince of Troy, Tithonus. Tithonus was a mortal, and would age and die. Wanting to be with her lover for all eternity, Aurora asked zeus to grant immortality to Tithonus. Inspired by her unconditional love and longing for her beloved, this track creates an enriching and refreshing ambience.

Convergence is an invitation to experience the blissful moments of sitting beside a tranquil river streaming with the soft strains of musical instruments. It is a tapestry of a wide variety of styles such as Jazz, Latin, R&B, Rock, Psychedelic, Traditional and Lounge. Each track reflects a different style, creating the celebrating ambience. Come, experience the magic of convergence-where sarangi meets sitar!

Murad Ali

Born in a family of musicians originally form Muradabad, Murad Ali is a sixth generation sarangi player. The intensive training he had under his grand father Ustad Siddique Ahmad Khan and father Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan has stood him in good stead, and he is presently regarded as one of the leading sarangi players of the younger generation.

His ancestors, Ustad Sagheer Ahmed Khan Sahib, Ustad Fakir Ahmed Khan Sahib, Ustad Rafique Ahmed Khan Sahib and his grand father Ustad Siddique Ahmed Khan Sahib were all renowned sarangi players, musicologists and gurus of the Moradabad Gharana.

Fateh Ali

Fateh Ali belongs to the sixth generation of a family of sarangi players of the Moradabad Gharana. Fated Ali was initiated into vocal music from an early age of seven by his grand father Ustad Siddique Ahmed Khan Sahib, who was the undisputed sarangi maestro to the Moradabad Gharana, for a short spell at the tender age he found his joy ‘Sitar' which he was initiated into by the great sitar maestro Shri Satish Kumar Ji, who belonged to Dharwar.

He then took sitar training under Ustad Shamshuddin Faridi Desai, an eminent performer of "Sitar & Been". Presently, Fateh Ali is advancing his art from and skill in sitar under the personal guidance and training of his father Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan, again a well-known name in India for Sarangi.

Fateh Ali & Murad Ali have an uncanny knack of striking an instant rapport with audience. Both the brothers have sincerely attempted to infuse interest and respect for Indian classical music in the younger generation.

2. Deja Vu5.17
3. Autumn7.09
4. Ode To Granada6.06
5. Colour Of Love6.40
6. Saturday Night In Delhi7.03
7. Temptations6.05
8. Aurora's Dream5.22

Sitar - Fateh Ali;
Tabla - Talvin Singh & Dr. Aneesh Pradhan;
Flute - Kanchman Babbbar;
Vocal - Vasundhra & Fateh Ali;
Voice - Murad Ali;
Guitar - Aman Nath;
Sarangi - Murad Ali ;< br> Parhant - Pt. Fateh Singh Gangani;

Composed by Fateh Ali & Murad Ali;
Music & Rhythm Programmed and Arranged by Aman Nath;
Mixed & Mastered by Gurpreet Babra at DARI-RC,Delhi;
Recorded by Kanchman Babbar at RBQ's, Delhi;
Produced by Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan;

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Over the years, I have purchased several statues, wooden, bronze and brass, from Exotic India. The artists have shown exquisite attention to details. These deities are truly awe-inspiring. I have been very pleased with the purchases.
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Mary, Australia
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I love antique brass pieces and your site is the best. Not only can I browse through it but can purchase very easily.
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Je vis à La Martinique dans les Caraïbes. J'ai bien reçu votre envoi 'The ten great cosmic Powers' et Je vous remercie pour la qualité de votre service. Ce livre est une clé pour l’accès à la Connaissance de certains aspects de la Mère. A bientôt
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