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CDs & DVDs > Indian Classical Music > The Elements Wind (Audio CD)
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The Elements Wind (Audio CD)

The Elements Wind (Audio CD)

The Elements Wind (Audio CD)

Sold Out

Hariprasad Chaurasia
Music Today (2004)

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The Elements Wind (Audio CD)
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About the CD

The theme of Elements is a creative challenge, so vast is the subject. And the musical interpretation of these soaring concepts is an even greater challenge. In my approach, I have explored various aspects of the element air or wind, expressing these in a range of musical forms. So, just like the changeable winds, there are many moods on this album… some and majestic, philosophic, playful, light and romantic.

The great Vedic hyman to purusha tells us that Yayu the wind was born out of the breath of Purusha. So the birth of Vayu arose from life-giving breath, (prana), our most immediate experience of wind and air. Prana is an essential in the yogic exercise of pranayama, which controls the rhythm of the in-breath (puraka), the held breath (kumbhaka), and the out-breath (rechaka). Such breath control is required for the calm state of mind we experience in meditation or contemplation.

But winds, gales, air and clouds as used in Indian art and poetry are also metaphors in Shringara rasa, the romantic sentiment. They can depict love fulfilled or love separated (viraha). In "The winds of love", which is a lyrical contrast to the gravity of "cosmic wind" and to "Paranayama", sweet melodies and gentle rhythms lead to the feeling of romance. "Romantic Air" has the freshness and youth of first love, whereas "Perfumed Breeze" portrays all the longing and yearning of Kalidasa's Yaksha for his beloved wife.

Among the splendid nature poems of the Vedas is that addressed to the Maruts, the winds of Heaven. Roaring, surging, restless, never-ceasing: the winds sweep across sky and earth, driving before them rain-bearing clouds, causing trees and fields to bend and sway in their path. In some legends, Vayu is said to be the father of the Maruts, the spirits of tempest and thunder, who, full of fury, ride on the whirlwind and direct the storms.

Vata, air, is the giver of life and longevity. A beautiful Hymn to Vata, taken from Rig Veda, was the inspiration for the first part of the last track. In our times, we have seen great pollution of natural resources, especially of air. Even so, nature, like man, renews herself. In an unending cycle, death follows life and precedes yet another life, a process of renewal that is expressed in verses of the Vedic hymn to Prana. The powerful verse- rendered movingly by Pandit Jasraj- ends with a heartbeat, sign of new life.

From the Rig Veda: From the breath of Purusha was born Vayu, the wind; Vayu, first born among the breathing ones. Vayu, imbued with cosmic law.

Kalidasa: The wind, breathing through hollow bamboos, makes sweet music, and woodland nymphs sing with passion-filled voices.
Perfumed Himalayan breezes blow south; I rembrace those breezes, fondly imagining they have touched your limbs, O perfect one!

The maruts, Atharva Veda: Like wondrous looking kings bedecked with arnaments Shining like fire, with gold ornaments on their breasts, Like winds they are shakers, swiftly moving, like tongues of fire they are resplendent like the ever victorious heroes of heaven, they raise their musical voice as psalmists their song.

Kalidasa: Tender leaf-shoots on young creepers bend and wave in a gentle spring breeze, their lovely blossoms ardently kissed by intoxicated honey bees.

Rig Veda: May Vata blow the balm on us, and bring health and happiness to our hearts. May he lengthen our lives. Thou, Vata are our father, thou art our brother and our friend

Atharva Veda: Man breathes out and breathes in when within the womb. When thou, O Prana, quickenest him, them is he born again. They call Prana Matarishvan (the dweller in the mother's womb); Prana, forsooth is called Vata (air). All that exists in past, present, future in life breath too.

1.The Breath Of Life14:55
Cosmic Wind - Prana, the Breath of Life
2.The Winds Of Love14:17
Romantic Air - Perfumed Breeze
3.The Winds OF Heaven11:11
Maruts - the Sons of Heaven
4.Spring Air13:15
Sweet Breeze of Spring - Melody of Spring
5.Cosmic Swirl 5:28
Vata - Hymn to Prana
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