Golden Milestones: PT. Omkarnath Thakur (Audio CD) - Rare Collection

Golden Milestones: PT. Omkarnath Thakur (Audio CD) - Rare Collection

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Pt. Omkarnath Thakur
Saregama (2003)
From the CD

Milestone is a post where a traveler can check his progress in the journey. Individual artistes have enriched their music through their journey that was not less than a pilgrimage. But over the ages, the music also has traveled a lot and the outstanding artistes of different times have served asmilestones indicating progress of music. The era of 78 RPM recordings lasted for quite a long period and was considered to be the golden era of music. Vocalists, recording during this era. Under the series “Golden Melestones” we release 78 RPM and EP recordings of outstanding artistes.

Pt. Omkarnath Thakur

Pt. Vishnu digamber paluskar was a saint among musicians. He was on a mission of elevating music and musicians. One of his apostles was Pt. Omkarnath thakur, who proved himself in the art of music as well as the science of music. Panditji was born on June 24, 1897 in Jahaj village of Vadodara state. He was a child artiste in Ram leela programmes. Seth Shapurji Mancherji Doongaji sponsored him to learn classical music from Pt. Vishnu Digambar paluskar. He was such a good disciple that Guruji appointed him the Principal of Gandharva sangeet mahavidyalay of Lahore in 1916. His concert before the king of Nepal was a good opening for him. Later on be represented India in many delegations on foreign tours.

He mastered himself in Khayal, Dhrupad and Thumri. His was basically a Gwalior Gayakee. He gained style of Aalapi from the Legendary Ustad Rahimat Khan. His singing was complete with Aalapi, Behalao, Bol taan, Taan and Sargam. He always aimed at expressing navarasas of literature in music. He had published six volumes of “Sangeetanjali” and another book called “Pranav Bharati”.

He breathed his last on December 28, 1967.

Raga : Todi1
“Garwa Main Sang Laagi”
Raga : Desi Todi 2
“Kadam Ki Chhaya”
Raga : Deshkar 3
“Jhanjariya Jhanke”
Raga : Sughrai 4
“Mai Kantha Morwa”
Raga : Tankeshri 5
“Malan Laaye Chun Chun Kaliyan”
Tilang Thumri 6
“Nanadiya Kaise Neer Bharun”
Raga : Nilambari 7
“Mitwa Balamwa”
Raga : Champak 8
“Ae Mag Jai Ho”
Raga : Shuddha Kalya 9
“Bolan Laage Nanadiya”
Raga : Shuddha-Nat 10
“Kahat Ho Mose”
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