J. Krishnamurti: Can You Face the Fact that you are Absolutely Nothing? (DVD)

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J. KrishnamurtiKrishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. (1978)103 minutes Approx
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Artist: J. Krishnamurti
Region Code: All regions –Black and White
Catalogue No: BR78S3-V-ENG
Format: DVD
Duration: 103 minutes Approx

About The DVD

Q: Is it possible to be completely free of fear?

There is physical fear and psychological fear.

Are we aware of our fear and our reactions to it?

What do we actually do with that fear? Do we run away from it, suppress it, control it, or wait for some incident to resolve it, or accept it as part of life? Why do we wait? Why do we go through this process?

I reject that anybody is going to resolve my fear; Jesus or the priest or the Pope, or the Archbishop or the analyst, or anyone.

Can I face the fact that I am frightened, and not do a thing about it, just face it? If you face the fact, then enquiries begin –real enquiries, not intellectual or verbal enquiries.

You are investigating, exploring, and you understand it, have an insight into it –and resolve it completely.

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