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CDs & DVDs > DVDs > Mahabharat Katha : Story of Barbarik and Veer Babhruvahan (Set of 12 DVDs)
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Mahabharat Katha : Story of Barbarik and Veer Babhruvahan (Set of 12 DVDs)

Mahabharat Katha : Story of Barbarik and Veer Babhruvahan (Set of 12 DVDs)

Mahabharat Katha : Story of Barbarik and Veer Babhruvahan (Set of 12 DVDs)

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B.R.Chopra and Ravi Chopra
Moser Baer Entertainment (2011)

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Mahabharat Katha : Story of Barbarik and Veer Babhruvahan (Set of 12 DVDs)
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From the CD
Produced: B. R. Chopra
Directed: Ravi Chopra
Catalogue No : DHIT 0207S/0218S
Language : Hindi
Formate: DVD

About the DVD

Mahabharat Katha
The Mahabharat India?s greatest epic was written by Rishi Ved Vyasa, the ancient Philosopher-thinker who was known to be the fountain of human knowledge.

To capture the magnificence the grandeur and drama of this great epic was the dream of producer director Dr. B. R. Chopra. B.R. TV has staked enormous resource to bring to television audiences the richness and the grandeur of the period to which the Mahabharat belonged.

Mahabharat Katha Part II of this great epic contains portions and stories left out in Part I, so that tele-views the world can view without taking the trouble to read the voluminous work and get the complete message contained in the great epic.

Story of Barbarik grandson of Bhism and a great warrior who did not fight in the great battle for strategic reasons...since Lord Krishna believed that his promise to his guru to fight for the weaker side could turn the tables on pandavas. Krishna blessed him that he will be worshipped as Khatu Shyam. Ashwamegh Yagya to bring about peace and unity. Story of Veer Babhruvahan Arjun Son who killed him in a battle. However, he was later revived by his step mother.

DVD 01
? Arrival of Barbarik in Kurushetra. He is Bhim grandson and great warrior.
? Both camp discuss that barbaric has promised his Guru Vijay Siddhi sen to fight for the weaker side and he is invincible because of the divine arrows he has obtained from his guru. Barbarik admires Kuran but threatens Duryodhan.
? Shri Krishna tell draupadi story of Barbarik birth, his upbringing and his education with guru Siddhi Sen. He tells about Lord Indra visit to him with request to retrieve Devi Aditi?s Kudals and Lord Varun?s Chhatra stolen by Asur Narkasur.
? Satyabhama wears the armour giben by Sun God and blast the entrance to Prag Jyotishpur (kingdom of Narkasur). Moor got killed by Krishna army. Moor daughter Morvi Prepares to kill Satyabhama and Krishna army. Moor daughter Morvi Prepares to kill Satyabhama and Krishna with invincible weapon given by Goddess Kamakshya Devi. Devi appears and stops her from doing so as it can not to be used against God head. Morvi ask Krishna to marry her. She is promised that Krishna would get her married to Ghatotkach.

DVD 02
? Ghatotkach marriage with Morvi is solemnized at indraprasth. They gave birth to Barbarik.
? Vidur tells Dhrithrastra and Gandhari about Barbarik birth. Vyas visits hidimba and tells her that her grandson will be great warrior.
? Kirshna send Barbarik to Guru Vijay Siddhi Sen for further education. Another son is born to Morvi named Meghvan. Guru Vijay Siddhi Sen Grants Barbarik 3 divine arrows that will kills all his enemies and took promise to that he has to fight only with weaker side. Barbarik confronts with Bheem on Vyas intervene they learn about there relationship.
? Krishna finishes the story he was narrating to draupadi. She wanted to step Bararink from taking part in war. Vyas says only shri Krishna can do the needful.

DVD 03
? Barbaric meets Bhisma and pays respect. Krishna visits Barbarik and after testing his claim that his divine arrow he ask Barbaril to cut off his head and give him as Guru Dakshina and Barbarik does so.
? On request of Barbarik to see great war Krishna keeps his severed head alive and arranges for it to be placed on the top of hill form where battlefield could be watched. Morvi is enraged and accused Krishna for killing his son, Barbarik convinces her that whatever Krishna did was best for all concerned otherwise all Kuru clam and pandvas allies would have perished.
? Gandhari and Dhritrastra comes to meet dying son Duyodhan Ashwasthama kills draupadi five sons. Duryodhan dies.
? War ends. Barbarik tells Pandvas that Vasudev Sudarshan Chakra was behind all of them hence its Vasudev who won the war. He told he saw Draupati drinking blood of those whe were supporting the evil cause. With help of kamakha Devi. Krishna joins Barbarik head to body. Krishna blessed him that he will be worshiped as Kahtu Shyam.

DVD 04
? Vidur consoler Yudhister and tell him not to feel sorry the dead Kauravas Arjun himself responsible for the death of Bhishm Pitamah and Karan.
? Yudhisatar angrily tells Draupti her reason for war. Balram hold Krishna for war.
? Krishna console Yudhistar and reminds him his karma as king. Krishna ask yudhistar to perfom Ashwamegh Yagya.
? Yudhistar plans for Ashwamegh Yagya and send invitation to all. Karan?s wife Padmavati tells his son vrishetu how great his father was.

DVD 05
? Vyas ask the Pandvasto procure a Shamkaran horse from the king of Bhadravati for performing Ashwamegh Yagya.
? Vrishketu meets Meghvaran and they become friend.
? Vrisheketu and Meghvaran succeed in stealing Shamkaran horse and in defeating Bhadravati army. rituals of Ashamegh Yagya begans.
? Krishna shows virat Roop to Anushalva.

DVD 06
? Keshav sends his Sudarshan chakra after Updrav and rescues Padmavati.
? Bhim and Arjun of there way to Sindhu Desh with sacrificial hourse where Dushshala and her son Surat lives.
? Arjun and Bhim arrives on the border of Madra Desh.
? King of Madra Desh welcomes Arjun and Bhim. Viprachitti the king of Gandhar is bent upon waging war with Pandvaas.

DVD 07
? Gandhari saves Gadhar from ruination. Viprachitti realizes that a dice game can ruin Kingdoms and cause war. He throws father dices in a river.
? Arujun and bhim arrivs saurastra. With Keshav assurance they agree to support Pandvas Ashwamegh Yagya.
? Ganga seven sons (Vasus) confort with Arjun.
? Arjun visits naaglok.

DVD 08
? Ullupi falls in love with Arjun and hides him in safe place
? Ullupi steals Arju Gandeev from Chandak
? King Vauski agrees to Arjun proposal of peace.
? Arjun tells Ullupi to sacrifice their love friendship between Aryan and Naagvanshi.

DVD 09
? On Amavasya night puts matrimonial garland round Arjun?s neck.
? On way to Manipur Arjun visits Kaamkya Devi temple. He had dual with warrior who turns out to be princess Chitrangada.
? Arjun save Chitrangada from falling in river. Chandak tells Ullupi about Arjun flirting with princess of Manipur.
? Krishna advises Arjun to accept matrimonial alliance with chtirangda.

DVD 10
? Chandok inform Arjun that Ullupi has given birth to his son lrvan.
? Arjun leaves for Naglok to meet Ullupi and his child Irvan.
? Arjun leaves for Manipur where Chitrangada carrying his child in her womb. Chitrangada gives birth to son Babrhu Wahan.

DVD 11
? Chitrangada trains his on Babhruwahan to become iron Man
? Babhruwahan capture the sacrificial horse with view to have duel with Arjun
? Bhim got fainted while fighting. Vrishetu got killed by Babhruwahan.

DVD 12
? Babhruwahan kills Arjun with Devi Kamakhya arros.
? Babhruwahan learns that Arjun was his father. Ganga reveals Arjun can come back to life in Naagmani cna be brought from Naaglok.
? Babhruvahan retrieves Naagmani. Sri Krishna Kills chandok to retrieve arjun Head. Arjun Comes back to life.

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  • brbik role in mahabharat it is verry nice.
    by ALDBLBHN01 on 13th Feb 2015
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Thank you so much. Your service is amazing. 
Kiran, USA
I received the two books today from my order. The package was intact, and the books arrived in excellent condition. Thank you very much and hope you have a great day. Stay safe, stay healthy,
Smitha, USA
Over the years, I have purchased several statues, wooden, bronze and brass, from Exotic India. The artists have shown exquisite attention to details. These deities are truly awe-inspiring. I have been very pleased with the purchases.
Heramba, USA
The Green Tara that I ordered on 10/12 arrived today.  I am very pleased with it.
William USA
Excellent!!! Excellent!!!
Fotis, Greece
Amazing how fast your order arrived, beautifully packed, just as described.  Thank you very much !
Verena, UK
I just received my package. It was just on time. I truly appreciate all your work Exotic India. The packaging is excellent. I love all my 3 orders. Admire the craftsmanship in all 3 orders. Thanks so much.
Rajalakshmi, USA
Your books arrived in good order and I am very pleased.
Christine, the Netherlands
Thank you very much for the Shri Yantra with Navaratna which has arrived here safely. I noticed that you seem to have had some difficulty in posting it so thank you...Posting anything these days is difficult because the ordinary postal services are either closed or functioning weakly.   I wish the best to Exotic India which is an excellent company...
Mary, Australia
Love your website and the emails
John, USA
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