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Meditation Music - Instrumental (Audio CD)

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Meditation Music - Instrumental (Audio CD)
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Item Code: ICR067
Super Audio (2010)
From the CD:

Meditation Music heals the body, mind and soul and induces tranquility. The gentle melodies of Indian ragas soothe the nerves, calm the thoughts and establish harmony in the body. Instruments like the sitar and table, known for many centuries for their mellifluous, comforting and lyrical tone are harnessed effectively in this album to create an ambience of contemplation and peace. The noise of the modern environment is left far behind and we enter into a world of delicate feeling, spiritual quest and divine ecstasy. The gracious cadences of the sitar, the engaging rhythms of the table and the wonderful soundscapes of raga colour, are presented in a mood of contemplation and invoke a world of beauty, harmony and divinity. This meditational music enlivens and energises us and provides inspiration and inner magnetism.

1. The Awakening
2. Surrender to the Supreme
3. Bliss of Divine Union

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