Pt. Kumar Gandharva (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)

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Pt. Kumar GandharvaDoordarshan Archives (2012)
From the DVD
Artist : Pt. Kumar Gandharva
Catalogue No : KMR/12/01D
Format : DVD
About The Artiste

Pt. Kumar Gandharva was one of the leading artistes of classical Indian music. Born on 8th April 1924 at Sulebhavi, Belgaon, his first concert was held in 1931. Thereafter, he came to be recognized as child prodigy all over India. His melodious and lifting voice has moved listeners right from his childhood.

Later he was initiated into systematic training by Prof. B.R. Deodhar, under whom, he had the opportunity to learn and critically analyses many compositions and ragas from many stalwarts of that period.

A genius with multifaceted abilities, he mastered various aspects of Indian music like the grammar and its art aspect, its relationship with literature and classicism and folk form etc. His deep sensitive affection for Nature and various fine arts are reflected in his singing and compositions. He created many compositions depicting Nature and dialect of Malwa. Ragas with their roots in folk songs of Malwa and termed as Dhun Umang Ragas, such as Sanjari, Nindiyari, Lagangandhar, Rahi, Saheli Todi, Bhavamat and Beehad Bhariav etc. are his precious contributions to Indian music. He also created many raga combustions such as Sohini-Bhatiyar, Shree-Kalyan, Suddha Shyam and Kamodavanti etc.

As a thinker he devised many subject-oriented specific programmes such as Geet-Vasant, Geet-Varsha, Geet-Hemant, Rituraj Mehfil, Mala Umajlele Bal Gandharva, Gaud Malhar Ek Darshan, Tulsidas Ek Darshan, Surdas Ek Darshan, Thumri Tappa and Tarana. In Indian music such programmes were really organized earlier.

He gave a new dimention to devotional music and became very popular through his renderings of nirgun vani. He enriched Indian music by rising above the conservatism of gharanas and their limitations. He included the essence of every style and their specialties.

Pt. Kumar Gandharva was an ideal teacher, who not only taught traditional compositions to his disciples but inculcated a vision in them regarding life, society and the country. He possessed the unique and simple skill to make the understanding of the form of ragas and their delineations along with specialties of different gharanas easy for his students.He was devoted to music and blessed with utmost humility in his everyday dealings with humankind.


Raga Malvati
Gaud Malhar
Miyan Malhar
Gaud Malhar
Nirgun Bhajan-Kabir
1. Sunta hai guru gyani
2. Nirbhay nirgun
3. Kaun thagwa nagaria
4. Hirana samajh boojh
5. Kudrat ki gati nyari
1. Piya ji mhare
2. Ram milanro ghano umavo
1. Uthi uthi sakhi sab mangal gayee

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