Romantic Pahadi (Audio CD): Easy Listening Instrumental Music by Indian Maestros

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Saregama (2005)
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Romantic Pahadi

Pahadi as we know refers to the mountains. Raga Pahadi owes its origin to the sweet sounds associated with nature particularly the mountains such as the singing of the humming bird, the fluttering of the leaves, the sprinkle of raindrops on the trees, the lasting of the rains, the lightening of the thunderstorm, the chuckle of the cuckoo, the musings of the deer and so no. All these various calls/voice of nature were nurtured and developed by man into beautiful and romantic musical tones for his recreation and to woo his sweetheart. Thus was born Raga Pahadi.

Hindustani Classical Ragas are based on Nav – Rasas (Nine Emotions) like Karun, Veer, Raudra, Krodh, Shanti, Adbhut, Beebhatsa, Hasya and Shringar. Raga Pahadi is based on the Shringar Rasa. It connotes romance in its nascent and purest form; it depicts the tenderness of the heart, the warmth of loving and being loved and experiencing the excitement of romance. It gives you the feeling of being in paradise. Raga Pahadi is a folk based raga. It is based on all the Shudh Swaras. The “Bhava” (expression) of the Raga is Chanchal (tenderness). There is no time barrier for this raga just as Romance knows no times. Raga Pahadi can be played at any time of the day or night. It transcends all time limits.

In Hindustani Classical Music, there are several forms of renditions. Here in this album, you will enjoy various musical forms of Raga Pahadi like Gat, Dhun, Thumri and Thematic fusion music – “Call of the Valley”. Raga Pahadi has fascinated each and every artiste of Hindustani Classical Music irrespective of whether he is a vocalist or an instrumentalist or whether he is a stalwart or budding young artiste. Here we have compiled Raga Pahadi, which has been played on different instruments by top ranking artistes. Raga Pahadi has found its full expression on all instruments of music such as Santoor, Flute, Guitar, Sitar, Shehnai and Violin in their exquisite musical tones.

After the success of the “Fascinating Bhairavi” we are presenting to you this “Romantic Pahadi”. This compilation is unique, heart touching and is bound to leave you in a delirious mood.

Romantic Pahadi

1. Pahadi Dhun – Kehrwa (1997)
Pt. Shivkumar Sharma
Tabla: Krishna Lal

2. Pahadi Dhun – Taal Dadra (1987)
Ustad Shujaat Khan
Tabla: Pt. Kumar Bose

3. Raga: Pahadi
Ustad Bismillah Khan & Party

4. Thumri Pahadi (1978)
Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
Tabla: Ustad Nizammudin Khan

5. Raga: Pahadi (1955)
Ustad Vilayat Khan
Tabla: Ustad Alla Rakha

6. Dhun Pahadi Deepchandi (1990)
Pt. Brij Bhushan Kabra

7. Pahadi Dhun (1962)
Ustad Bismillah Khan & Prof. V.G. Jog

8. Raga: Pahadi – Call of The Valley (1968)
Pt. Shivkumar Sharma
Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
Pt. Brij Bhushan Kabra
Accompanist: Tabla: Kashinath Mishra

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