Tantarang: Entrancing Music of Sitar and Shankar Guitar (Audio CD)

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Pt. Rajeev Janardan and Dr. Kamala ShankarMystica Music Pvt. Ltd. (2009)
From the CD
Pt. Rajeev Janardan,
Dr, Kamal Shankar
Catlogue No : ACC - 09013
Format: Audio CD

About the CD

Tantarang Strikes a chord and invigorates the jubilant mood. Encompassing the two cds featuring sitar by pt. Rajeev Janardhan and Shankar Guitar by Dr. Kamala Shankar it is a cherishable collection to be treasured forever. Deeply rooted in classical music both the artiste have mastered the intricacies of these musical instruments and thus their music offers a delightful experience. Their captivating rendering of ragas leads the listener through time andspace to a place of deep serenity.

CD – 1 presents the blissful rendition of Raga Rageshree and Raga Khamaj by Pt. Rajeev Janardan. Both raga Rageshree and Raga Khamaj are evening raga that impart the feeling of being amidst flowing streasm, trees, flowers and mountains.

CD – 2 presents the entrancing recital of Raga Jog and Raga Miya Malhar by Dr. Kamala Shankar. While raga jog is a night melody expressing pain and longing, Ringa Miya is a monsoon raga invoking the torrential rains.

About the Artiste

Pt. Rajeev Janardan, the torchbearer of the Imdadkhani Etawa Gharana is recognized as one of today greatest Sitar andSurbahar player of his generation in the field of Indian classical Music. Rajeev music is an innovative blend of the intricate Gayaki and (vocal style) andTantra ang (instrumental style). Rajeev had an inborn natural talent and aptitude for music from his early childhood. He blossomed into a true artist under the valuable guidance of Pt. Bimalendu Mukherjee a doyen of the famous imdadkhani Gharna of Sitar. He has given many performance all over the country and abroad.

Dr. Kamala Shankar is the first woman guitar artiste having world record and has contributed much to the popularity of western guitar into the Hindustani instrumental Music. For this she has earned a prominent place in the filed of Indian classical Music. She is known for her deep and melodious rendition with the superb control of the instrument to present her versatility. Born in Tajnore district of Tamilnadu her music career started with the training in vocal music, initiated by her mother at the age of six and blossomed to be a true Artiste under the valuable guidance of pt. channoolal Mishra the renowned artist of Varanasi and Sitar maestro Pt. Bimalendu Mukherjee of Imadkhni Gharana.


CD – 1
Pt. Rajeev Janardan (Sitar)
1. Raga Rageshree
Aalap – jod – jhala; Vilambit Gat – Teen Taal; Drut Gat – Teen Taal; Drut Jhala
2. Raga Khamaj
Aalap – vilambit Gat – Teen Taal

CD – 2
Dr. Kamala Shankar (Shankar Guitar)
1. Raga Joy
Aalap – Jod – Jhala; Vilambit Gat – Teen Taal; Madhya Lay Gat – Teen Taal; Drut Jhala
2. Raga Miya Malhar
Aalap – Madhya Laya Gat – Teen Taal; Drut Gat in Teen Taal

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