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CDs & DVDs > Yoga and Meditation > Yog Nidra (Secrets of total transformation) (Audio CD)
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Yog Nidra (Secrets of total transformation) (Audio CD)

Yog Nidra (Secrets of total transformation) (Audio CD)

Yog Nidra (Secrets of total transformation) (Audio CD)

Sold Out

Anandmurti Gurumaa
Mystica Music (2010)
44 Mins. 78 Sec. Approx

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Yog Nidra (Secrets of total transformation) (Audio CD)

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From The Audio CD
Artiste: Anandmurti Gurumaa
Catalogue No: AC M-07007
Format: Audio CD
Duration: 44 Mins. 78 Sec. Approx
About The Audio CD

Yog-Nidra is an ancient tantric method, which can open new capacities of mind. Stress, frustrations, insomnia, and psychosomatic diseases which have become a part of modern man’s life, are being caused by our unstable mind. Unknowingly, we hurt ourselves and hold people and situations responsible for our turmoil. Yog-Nidra gives us an opportunity to understand our mind and cuts through its blind conditionings. Yog-Nidra means sleeping consciously. It is a kind of deep sleep in which you don’t loose consciousness. It is a more efficient and effective form of psychic and physiological rest and rejuvenation. Normally, when people sleep, they do not unburden totally. They carry their frustrations, conflict, pain, and turmoil with them, hence, sleep never goes deep. Due to this, there remains great tension in mind and body. The practice of Yog-Nidra not only relaxes but restructures and reforms our whole personality from within. We burn old sansakaras, habits and tendencies in order to be born a new with every Yog-Nidra session. Yog-Nidra means sleep with a trace of awareness. It is a state of mind in-between wakefulness and dream. At this moment, your intellectual mind is operating but when you relax, the subconscious and unconscious levels of mind open up. If you practice Yog-Nidra, then the nature of your mind can be changed, diseases can be cured and your creative genius can be restored. The sub-conscious mind and the unconscious mind are the most powerful forces in the human being. Sub-conscious mind is a very obedient disciple and it immediately carries out the orders that you put to it.

In Yog-Nidra, the most effective means of training the mind is found in sankalpa (resolution), which you make for yourself during each practice. Anything in life can fail you but not your sankalpa. It is an important stage of Yog-Nidra and a powerful way of reshaping your personality and giving a new direction in life along positive lines. When conscious mind and body is in deep relaxation, at that time whatever sankalpa (resolution) you will make, it will get fulfilled. The resolution you make at the beginning of the practice is like sowing a seed and the resolution at the end is like irrigating it.

Yog-Nidra is a practice which brings the deeper layers of the psyche into conscious experience. This brings deeper relaxation on all levels; physical, psychological and mental. This induces direct affect on glandular functions which means a better health and higher levels of energy.

During practice of Yog-Nidra your consciousness travels through one layer to another. Sometimes, it goes very deep and then you have exploding fantastic experiences and sometimes it won’t go too deep. Experiences such as levitation may occur while consciousness transverses through sub-conscious mind. Temporary dissociation takes place in-between mind and body, and this is the time when you will have wonderful experiences.

In Yog-Nidra, you do not have to concentrate, rather you move your consciousness from one part of the body to another; concentration will rather create obstruction. Just hear the instructions aware fully and a deep relocation will occur at physiological, psychological and emotional levels. Sometimes, you will be close to your senses and then you will glide away; when consciousness is suspended for a few moments, periodically, which means that it alternates between sub-conscious and unconscious states.

So relax and just listen aware fully. When deep relaxation happens, our gland functions become better and makes our body healthy.

Yog-Nidra releases all types of tensions-muscular, emotional and mental. When muscular tensions are released, it heals nervous system and endocrinal imbalances. When emotional tensions are released, we come out of all dualities: love-hate, pain-pleasure to name a few, which are more difficult to release. But when these emotions are repressed, we loose our sanity and stability. Mental tensions are a result of excessive mental activity. Yog-Nidra is a science of relaxation which enables us to dive deep into the realms of sub-conscious mind thereby releasing all tensions. Mystica Music proudly presents Yog-Nidra for all seekers and those who wish to experience higher states of consciousness, best of health and a powerful method to heal oneself. An enlightened mystic, Anandmurti Gurumaa has presented this ancient method of Vinayasa and yoga which is a greatest boon for all human beings, in an entirely contemporary way.


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