Magnificent Large Lifelike Tree of Life (Wall Hanging)

Magnificent Large Lifelike Tree of Life (Wall Hanging)

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Tree of life, a divine symbol of strength and individuality, and our cosmic connection with the Universe. With the tree having long deep roots that go dive into the Mother Earth asking for the grounding energy, and its branches that stand tall and reach the sky, seek the energies of the moon and the sun. As the tree sheds its leaves through different seasons it gives the illusion of the tree losing its life but as the season changes, the tree gives rise to newer leaves and rejuvenates itself. This points to immortality and that our soul belongs in this Universe forever.

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Item Code: ZEO150
Brass Statue
37.00 inch Height X 47.50 inch Width x 6 inch Depth
21.60 kg

This magnificently large lifelike tree of life is made up of brass and accentuates the beauty of life. Calling in the symbolism of peace one feels looking at the tree, this brass statue raises our vibrations, acts as a reminder that a new chapter of life is just around the corner, and gives us the strength to get through the daily mundanes of life. Embracing the tree of life as a part of the soul, one learns lessons and inculcates the qualities necessary to reach the ultimate life purpose one is destined to fulfill.

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