Navy-Blue Carpet from Kashmir with Knotted Flowers All-Over

Navy-Blue Carpet from Kashmir with Knotted Flowers All-Over

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The charm of Kashmir lies in its taste for the halcyon days of the art- and pleasure-loving Mughal rulers, which finds expression, most of all, in its rugs. The looms of the valley churn out the inimitable Kashmiri rug, each a unique work of art. Fashioned from the best of homegrown cotton and silk, the one you see on this page is a fine specimen of the same.

A dense cotton foundation adds to the weight of this one-of-a-kind number. Every square inch of the surface is superimposed with knotted flower motifs made from superfine silk threads. The colour palette comprises of pale, unassuming pastels - blues, oranges, reds, and ochres. Zoom in on the same to appreciate the precision with which the embroidery has been done despite the scale.

A thick, inky blue hexagon runs across the field of the carpet. It is a luxuriant colour, one that will absorb you as you gaze at it upon lazy afternoons, seated thereon and fingering its ultra-soft fabric. Geometric-shaped motifs in a powdery tint of blue line the inner edge of the hexagon. This is more of a private chamber number, as opposed to the kind of rug you would choose for the drawing room.

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Item Code: SCA29
Pure Silk on Cotton
72 inch x 48 inch
324 Knots per Sq. Inch
5.5 kg
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