Santhal Painting Folk Art of Orissa (Do it Yourself Educational Activity Kit)

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Santhal Painting

Folk Art of Orissa
In the Santhal district, along Bengal and Orissa borders, live the Magic Painters, also called Jadu Patua. These special communities of Magic painters draw the Santhal Tribal Paintings, which are the expressions of their community life. These painters are called Magic Painters because they paint to preserve the crops, avert diseases, and honor the dead and so on.

Santhal Paintings are done on handmade paper with organic materials. Since Santhal is basically an agricultural community, the themes drawn are mostly on nature, farming harvesting, marriages or dancing and celebrations.

The painting on the cover is of a santhal marriage ceremony. The bride and groom wear plain clothes during their wedding. After you’ve colored the cards, make your own magic painting.

Original painting by Chitrakaar Jaidev


The colours used in santhal paintings are secondary and very dull hues. First mix the colours provided to make the shade to matched with the coloured card. Fill in the outlines with the colour made, and complete your Santhal Painting. The painting can be framed or used as a bookmark later. To use natural color, follow the instructions in the sachet to make white and yellow colour and paint in the same order.

This Box Contains:

6 poster colours
2 burshes
2 sachets of natural
Materials with recipe to make natural colour.
10 colour cards
Santhal painting leaflet.

A Creative Crafts Kit for Children of All Ages

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