Tortoise Lamp With Numerous Trellis Lamps

Tortoise Lamp With Numerous Trellis Lamps

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A multitude of lamps to fill your space with light and sattvaguna. This classical-style Indian lamp would be a valuable addition to any traditional Indian home. It features a long stem of uniform thickness along the centre. Unlike the complex engravings on the stems of your run-of-the-mill traditional Indian lamp, this one has the unassuming pattern of a single, slender trellis wound around its body. This leaves the aesthetic sensibilities of the onlooker free to take in the beauty of the numerous dias in this composite lamp.

The dias are discrete and arranged in interesting little trays. From the base upwards, there are a total of seven concentric discoid trays with descending diameters. These constitute the most signature aspect of this traditional Indian lamp composition - they are sculpted as if a network of trellises extends at right angles from the stem, with a miniscule dia at the mouths. The number of dias in each tray decreases as we go upwards. Filled with sweet-scented ghee and lit up all at once, this lamp would then be a sight to behold.

The ensemble described so far rests on the shell of a tortoise. It lies in the belly of an open lotus bloom, which further rests on a quadrilateral plinth. Along the edges of the plinth is a series of intricately engraved lotus petals. At the very top is a lotus in partial bloom, its sharp, particularly elongated bed and petals in keeping with the overall silhouette of the work.

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82.00 inch Height X 23.00 inch Width X 23.00 inch Depth
82 kg
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