Floral Glass Pendant with Hand-Painted Om

Floral Glass Pendant with Hand-Painted Om

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The Atman is the Ultimate Consciousness. In Sanskrit, the word means the soul or inner self. The Atman is also signified by the holiest sound and symbol in Hinduism and other traditions, the OM. This syllable is usually said at the beginning of prayers and incantations across Indian religions although its meaning may vary across these religions. Hindus can find the sacred OM at the start and the finish of highly important texts such as the Vedas and Upanishads.

This Floral Glass Pendant with Hand-Painted Om is a good way to be reminded of the sacred syllable and the power it holds for any bearer’s faith. It can be worn as a gentle reminder of what people can look forward to in life, being attuned with the Inner Self (Atman) and the Cosmic Spirit (Brahman). The pendant is crafted from the glass but it is made sturdy and hard enough not to break at a slight pressure. It is also shaped like a flower and a lotus flower comes to mind when thinking of Hinduism. The lotus flower became an icon of the Hindu way of life as a symbol of purity despite living in murky waters. This necklace’s glass feature and flower design signal how one should bloom despite circumstances. Together with the OM symbol, this pendant is a good fit for one’s daily wear and show of devotion towards the Atman and the Brahman.

In Hinduism, the OM symbolizes the Atman as the true inner self and the soul. It is also the Brahman, also known as the ultimate reality of the universe, the cosmic principle, or the Supreme Spirit. Given the highest principles it embodies, it is easy to see why the OM, in all its single-syllable glory, is loaded with the weight of a million prayers and faith.

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