The Prayer Wheel (Cho-Kor or Khorten) Earrings with Coral and Turquoise from Nepal

The Prayer Wheel (Cho-Kor or Khorten) Earrings with Coral and Turquoise from Nepal


Style your look with these fashion earrings that are infused with perpetual charm and elegance. These mesmerizing earrings are styled with the magnified prayer wheel that is implanted with beguiling coral and brilliant turquoise gemstone. These captivating earrings are perfect for any attire. Amp up your fashion style with these beauties. 


These earrings are designed with the sacred Sanskrit ancient Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, These lucky signs mean “Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus.” Each of these little wheels spins that increase the good luck charm in the wearer's life. These enticing earrings send the wearer's blessings into the sky. With the scroll of the Buddhist mantra, these tiny wheel earrings are flawless. 

Item Code: LCH11
Sterling Silver
1.7 inch Height
6 gm

The coral gemstone with the tempting color red color will revive the peace in the wearer's life. This gemstone can help the wearer to move forward in life and freeing the past. It is claimed that this lustrous gemstone can aid the wearer to draw love into his life.


The turquoise on the other hand symbolizes enlightenment, peace, strength, good luck, hope, and wisdom. The luscious turquoise gemstone comes in medium blue, to intense blue hues. It is also said that this gemstone has the mysterious ability to protect. Carry your look with these stunning earrings.

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