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Shiva-Parvati Pendant With Pristine Drops Neckpiece (South Indian Temple Jewellery)

Shiva-Parvati Pendant With Pristine Drops Neckpiece (South Indian Temple Jewellery)

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While the idea of devotional jewellery is not limited to India, the beauty and depth of the tradition is to be found nowhere else. It is in South India that these elaborate pieces are made, known as 'temple jewellery' because they are meant to be worn by idols in the gorgeous temples of the South. This sterling silver neckpiece is fit to be worn by a larger-than-life Devi icon. The necklace is made up of identical studded peacock motifs strung together, while the pendant is engraved with seated Shiva-Parvati figurines complete with a temple flanked by Nandi and parrot detailing.

It is the superbly carved pendant that is the most statement-making aspect of this devotional neckpiece. Zooming in on the sacred figurines would enable you to appreciate the precision and skill that have gone into the work. The altar is replete with serrated pillars and an engraved roof rimmed with lotus petals, typical of South Indian temple architecture. The haloes of Shiva-Parvati are intact, and it is on Nandi Himself that they are seated. A jade-coloured gem sits on the roof of the temple, besides the dark red stones that punctuate the silver in the rest of the neckpiece. Note the pearly white drops beneath the pendant that add to its beauty.

Item Code: LBT01
Sterling Silver
20 inch Length
117.5 gm
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