Above Kamadeva & Rati

Above Kamadeva & Rati

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Batik Painting On Cotton Fabric
2.2 ft X 3.7 ft
The name 'Kali' has been used generically from antiquity. The different manifestations are for a certain definite purpose and in reality there is one Devi who assumes various forms to fulfil various purposes. Sometimes she assumes a frightening form and sometimes a benevolent form.

Chinnamasta, one of the ten Mahavidyas, is shown standing on the copulating couple of Kamadeva and Rati. The maithuna figure, with Rati on top, is consumed by the fire of desire. A double petalled lotus forms their bed. The dark skinned goddess has snakes coiled around all over her body. Besides the bejeweled crown and necklaces, human heads are strung together to form a garland around her neck as a cluster of human hands form her girdle. Her dark flowing hair gives movement to the otherwise static figure.

Goddess Chinnamasta's position atop the copulating couple defeats what Rati and Kamadeva represent viz. sexual energy and desire, signifying self control.

The brilliant colours in the lower half of the painting are cleverly juxtaposed with dull colours used for the goddess. The background is intentionally coloured in one colour of two hues, so as not to distract the viewer.

This description by Renu Rana.

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