The Alluring Music Of Lord Krishna

The Alluring Music Of Lord Krishna

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The youthful cowherd of Vrindavan has climbed up a tree. Nestled amidst its curvaceous branches, He runs His watchful eyes over the grazing herd below. To while away the time He is playing a strain on the flute. Such is the divinity of the music emanating from the Lord’s instrument that the long branches that surround Him seemingly reach out to the sky and the cows that had been grazing nonchalantly gather at the foot of His tree.

And it is not only the cows on which Lord Krishna’s music has this effect. The milkmaids of Vrindavan, the gopiyaan, also gather around Him to take pleasure in the music of His company. They are youthful and many, drunk in bhakti for the handsome Vishnu-avatara. At the bottom of the painting is a row of them, each with big beauteous eyes and dense black hair, swaying to the strain of the flute.

The composition is a densely packed work of art. The branches of this fortunate tree upon which Lord Krishna sits make for a luxuriant canopy. Zoom in on the translucent, slender leaves that fill up the whole surface area of the painting. The same are interspersed with flowers. The painted stem of the tree is flanked by a pair of cows. Note the composure of hypnotism on their faces as the innocent animals are drawn in by their Lord’s music.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist: Uttam Parsad Paswan
20.5 inch X 28 inch
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