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A Comprehensive Look at the Life of Krishna

A Comprehensive Look at the Life of Krishna
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Item Code: PF65
Orissa's Paata Painting
Water Color on Patti
Artist Rabi Behera
17.0" x 21.0"
Krishna is often spoken of as being different persons coalesced into one: a hero, a teacher, a cowherd, a romantic & someone who became deified with the passage of time.

The pata-chitrakar has captured the events of Krishna's life in a visually interesting manner. The focal space has Radha & Krishna, flanked by sakhis; which blossoms in a lotus with rasa depicting Krishna and a gopis on each petal. On the top and bottom of this lotus are five sections each depicting various incarnations of Vishnu. An Enthralling border encloses this; it narrates events starting from the birth of Krishna. It tells of Krishna's childhood which was a combination of mythical exploits and childhood pranks. Here, he kills the whir wind demon Trinavartta, the crane demon Bakasura, the horse demon Keshi, the bull demon. Arishta and Kaliya, the serpent and as Krishna grows, his tryst with Gopis begin. The artist however, does not forget to portray, Krishna lifting the Govardhana Mountain, thereby covering the major events of Krishna's life in Brindavana. The strength of the work lies in draughtsmanship; every figure having a steady black outline.

This description by Renu Rana.

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