Dainty Lady-In-Waiting Bust

Dainty Lady-In-Waiting Bust

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Painting with watercolors on marble is a rare skill. In India, it is the medium of choice in the genre of Mughal-style paintings. The one that you see on this page is a portrait of a court damsel. From the style of clothing and jewellery she is wearing, she is clearly a specimen of the ladies that populated the Mughal durbars (courts) of the yesteryears.

A roseate fair complexion. Dreamy eyes with long lashes. A plump, come-hither mouth. She is wearing very little makeup but for the scarlet on her lips. The pops of colour in the composition come from the gold and jewels she is wearing. Rubies and emeralds on her maangteeka and triangular-shaped danglers. A bejewelled choker that covers more than half the length of her fair neck. Miniscule pearls studded in every bit of jewellery she is wearing, as white as the colour of her skin. The bodice and scarf, parts of her regal attire that are within the frame of this painting, conform to the colour palette described heretofore.

Gossamer wisps of black hair curling against her temple and her cheekbone. A quiet, withdrawn composure of countenance; a deep vulnerability in her eyes. This marble watercolour perfectly captures the characteristic feminine poise.

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Water Color Painting on Marble
5 inches x 7 inches
220 gm
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