Dancing Radha Krishna with Gopikas and Krishna Lila Episodes

Dancing Radha Krishna with Gopikas and Krishna Lila Episodes

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This is a traditional art composition comprised of three important lilas of Shri Krishna. ‘Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta’, means that Lord Hari is infinite, so his Kathas (stories) are also infinite.

This is a water color illustration which is popularly known as ‘Pattachitra’ as it is a part of the folk art from the temple town ‘Orissa’. Shri Radha and Krishna are engaged in the Rasa dance along with their consorts Lalita and Vishakha, while below Krishna is seen killing the evils ‘Shaktasura’ (The Cart Demon) and ‘Bakasura’ (The Bird Demon).

This craft is performed on Tussar silk using watercolors and has been manifested by rich, colorful and creative depiction. In this masterpiece, we can have a view of Vaishnav Culture and the style of Orissa’s art which is more than a thousand year’s old.

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Water Color Painting on Tussar Silk
Folk Art from the Temple Town of Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behra
15.5 inch X 28 inch
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