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Dusk And Devi Ushnishavijaya

Dusk And Devi Ushnishavijaya
Devi Ushnishavijaya is a Buddhsit deity of considerable significance further Northwards of the subcontinent. The word ‘ushnisha’ refers to the stoopa on top of the Buddha’s skull, while ‘vijaya’ refers to the victoress. She is identified by the ancillary faces on either side of Her fair frontal countenance, which in this thangka are painted dark, overpowering shades of crimson and blue, respectively. The rest of Her is a peach-like fair, Her beauty in keeping with the Namgyälma, a female yidam.

Devi Ushnishavijaya is an ashtabhujadharini, one possessed of (‘dharini’) eight (‘ashta’) arms (‘bhuja’). In one of them She cradles a seated Buddha figurine, the bright red tones of which contrast sharply with the delicate complexion of Her inner hands. This is an integral part of the Ushnishavijaya iconography. She is seated in padmasana, and Her composure of countenance is a blend of wisdom and wrath. Together with Amitayus and Sitatara, She is the presiding deity over immortality.

All that surrounds the central figure are characteristic of the traditional thangka. A lotus pedestal featuring petals of multiple colours, a large halo, and a bejewelled aureole of gold. Stream and verdure and cloud, over which prevails an unusual dusk; and edges on which teem a multitude of mythical creatures.

Item Code: TD38
Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface - 14 inch X 20 inch
Size with Brocade - 24 inch X 35 inch

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