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Paintings > Mughal > Festival of Kites
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Festival of Kites

Festival of Kites

Festival of Kites

In this painting, Navneet Parikh has worked his magic with his amazing masterstrokes by capturing the season of Basant in ancient India which was known as Basant Panchami then. It marks the historic springtime kite flying event in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. This art encapsulates thus event as a royal leisure etching out a beautiful lass whose skin unusually shines bright like the sun. Her countenance is festooned with an exquisite nose and wide eyes that are complimented by her sharp hard angled eyebrows and thin lips. The royal woman wears a lovely crop top yellow banarsi choli as she takes hold of the kite's string. She couples her lovely choli with a motif imprinted long skirt that is tinted in a hue of scarlet red and dusty parakeet green color. Her henna colored hair fails to conceal itself with a translucent dupatta which skillfully styles over her. The lass is adorned in a plethora of jewels including gem studded armlets and gold bangles. Her neck is beautified with an aesthetic choker necklace and a multilayered opera that is stoned with valuable jewels going along with her brooch-like earring and a maroon maang tikka.

She is accompanied with a young boy whose bare skin is covered with a diaphanous ballerina pink knee length choga as he holds a Carolina blue manjador in his small hands. Behind the stunning lady sits a young noble geezer who settles on a throne like green sofa that has an excellent floral designed cylindrical cushion by his back and a tuffet with water vessels by his side. He is blessed with a thin Greek nose and large big eyes that are contrasted by his high arch eyebrows and a stubble that sets over his face. His lips are coupled with a petit handlebar that hides his philtrum. He wears a brown banarsisaurashtra turban that cover his charcoal black hair going along with his dark royal purple jama that is embroidered in a gorgeous handiwork and is covered by a light cinnamon brown choga which is embellished with copper tinted threads. He is appareled in a white chrudaar which is emblazoned with red vertical stripes conflicting with his dark brown and golden khussas as he holds a tantalizing purple manjador in his hand.

Their background is painted with a long white balustrade that borders the roof which is filled with kites that form a heap near the young boy and manjadors that spread over the floor. It shows a sky filled with vibrant and exotic tinged kite's thus revealing an extending lush green plain below that is filled with beautiful trees. The painting is enclosed in a thick dusty beige border that is ornamented with light yellow floral motifs and symmetrical kites that emboss themselves over the frame. This painting is the perfect match for those who are attracted to the ancient culture of the subcontinent turning out to be the best partner of your lonely walls enhancing them to be much more attractive.

Only One in stock

Water Color Painting On Paper
Artist: Navneet Parikh

13.5 inches X 10.5 inches
Item Code:
$295.00   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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Festival of Kites
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