Harihara, The Deified Amalgam Of Vishnu (Hari) And Shiva (Hara)

Harihara, The Deified Amalgam Of Vishnu (Hari) And Shiva (Hara)

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Harihara is one of Hindu dharma's most unusual composite deity. As could be gleaned from this low-key watercolour by Kailash Raj, Harihara is a fusion of Vishnu and Shiva, each of whose significance in Indian culture is indisputable. Their one halo doubles as the sun in the background, lending the riverbank the glow of the twilight. While Shiva's half is clothed in tiger-hide, and a snake and rudraksha laces wind around His neck and wrist and ankle; Vishnu's half is dressed in silk and jewellery. Note how the artist has brought about the start contrast between Shiva's glowing olive skin and Vishnu's soothing dusky complexion, the former's matted tresses and the latter's bejewelled gold crown. What is common, though, is the all-revealing third eye on the temple of Harihara and the the otherwordly calm on His brow.

Harihara is flanked by Lakshmi and Parvati, each standing gracefully next to Her respective husband. Their hands are in the namaskaram mudra, Their gaze brimming with sublime devotion to Their husbands. Their shringar is fit for the inhabitants of parloka - elegant trains, and ample pearls and jewels. Shiva is the destroyer of the Hindu projector-preserver-destroyer trinity, so His wife Parvati is the deity of lasya that complements His destructive tandava. Vishnu is the preserver, so His wife Lakshmi is the deity of wealth that is a prerequisite to preserve what has been projected. A richly clad Garuda stands right behind Lakshmi, saluting His lord and looking up to Him. Behind Parvati is Nandi, of a superbly tranquil composure of countenance.

The lotus atop which Harihara stands is the most radiant of all the lotuses in the river in the foreground. So lifelike are the brushstrokes of the river against the lush green of the banks, with clusters of flowers nestled against them, that one could almost hear the kalkal melody of the stream. Hills characteristic of the Indian countryside and marble buildings complete the background of this painting. The superbly natural azure that dominates the backdrop is sure to add serenity to your space.

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Item Code: HN71
Water Color Painting On Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
12.5 inch x 10.5 inch
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