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Krishna and Balarama Leaving for Mathura with Akrura

Krishna and Balarama Leaving for Mathura with Akrura
Krisha is one of the most renowned Hindu Gods. He takes a prominent role in the epic Mahabharata. In this painting he is depicted with his brother, Balarama, the god of agriculture and strength, as they rode a chariot at the helm of Akrura. The latter is chief of the Kansa peoples (from ancient India). He was ordered by Kamsa, a tyrant ruler of Mathura, to bring Krishna to him so he can kill the god. This follows a prophesy heard by Kamsa that Krishna will be the one to end him.

Akrura was said to have invited the brothers to Mathura with the pretext of celebrating a special occasion. Krishna and Balarama's parents, were against the idea, same as the people of Gokul. In this painting, the people surrounding the chariot appear to be bidding farewell to the two, a scene that tells that Akrura was able to convince them to come. Balarama can be seen at the center, opulently dressed while holding his mace. Meanwhile, Krishna can be seen engaging with the ladies, decked in fine clothing and peacock-feather crown while holding his flute. At the bottom of the painting are symbolic elements significant to Buddhism (especially with regards to Lord Vishnu). Some of the symbolisms include: the fish can represent one of Lord Vishnu’s avatars, Matsya, who takes a form of a fish; the frog (reincarnation);and the lotus which stands for existence and liberation. The chakra (disk) symbolizes the mind or consciousness. Meanwhile, the conch represents the sound of the universe. The great attention to detail, geometric prints and patterns, and the use of a vibrant color palette are touches of the Madhubani art style.

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Item Code: DO56
Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)Artist - Jitendra Kumar
28 inch x 20 inch

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