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Krishnaroopa Lord Ganesha

Krishnaroopa Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha, the celebrated son of Lord Shiva. An adorable bala-deva (boy-child deity), loved and venerated by all. Scribe of the Mahabharata, epitome of wisdom and compassion. In the intricately detailed kalamakari painting that you see on this page, He is depicted after the unmistakable iconography of Lord Krishna. Between His fingers and underneath the base of His trunk is a slender flute. Entwined ankles, and an olive-coloured complexion. A pristine cow behind Him, listening to His music as it grazes the low-hanging branches of the kadamba tree.

Kalamkari art is the traditional folk art of Andhra Pradesh. The word is a portmanteau of ‘kalam’, which means a pen and refers to the rudimentary drawing implement fashioned out of a twig, and ‘kari’, which means work. This kalamkari composition features an earthy colour palette of ochres, browns, and greens, interspersed with a deep washed-out carmine infused in the halo of the Lord. From the delicate shrubbery in the background and the richly detailed kadamba canopy, to the adornments on the body of the cow and the shringar of Lord Ganesha, each aspect of the composition has been executed with superb finesse and choice of colour.

Item Code: PW26
Kalamkari Painting on Cotton
Artist - Artist - D. Lakshmamma
35 inch x 47 inch

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