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Paintings > Folk Art > Madhubani > Lord Surya (Sun) With Mantras and Four Yantras
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Lord Surya (Sun) With Mantras and Four Yantras

Lord Surya (Sun) With Mantras and Four Yantras

Lord Surya (Sun) With Mantras and Four Yantras

Surya, the Sun God, is a primary celestial being in Hindu mythology. In Vedic astrology, these planetary gods (headlined by Surya) are known to be agents of the Law of Karma. This painting of Surya with his mantra and four yantras feature his face at a circle at the center. This is also a good symbol to reiterate the sun as a center of the universe and power that gives light and life. The face is within 11 concentric circles of varying colors including blue, yellow, brown, green, and red. Within these colored circles is the mantra for Lord Surya. The Om Suryaya Namaha mantra means worship for the One that Dispels Darkness. Another mantra is Om Bhaanve Namahawhich means “one Who Brings Light” expressing gratitude for him who gives life.

A yantra is a diagram featuring but not limited to geometric, mystical elements, and shapes such as circles, triangles, and others. It is believed to be a dwelling place of gods or goddesses and is traditionally used for worship. When praying with planetary yantras, the benefit is said to counteract the ill effects of other clashing planets. The various yantras which are shown in this painting illustrate variations of sun symbol, a divine manifestation of cosmic intelligence and enlightenment. The colors used on the four yantras are heavy with red and orange, matching Surya’s face at the very center.Throughout the background are sun rays from the outermost circle that completed the painting as beams of sunlight.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)

28.5 inch x 21 inch
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Lord Surya (Sun) With Mantras and Four Yantras
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