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Love on a Harp Shaped Boat

Love on a Harp Shaped Boat
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Watercolor Painting On Paper
11.3 inch X 8.0 inch
The Mughal emperors and nobles enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. They pampered themselves with dance, music and the company of the courtesans. Their lifestyles were documented in paintings. Their larger-than-life activities were ironically fitted into miniature paintings. A miniature painting, as the name signifies, is an intricate, colorful illuminations or painting, small in size, executed meticulously with delicate brushwork. The miniature in view is an edifice of the grandeur they indulged in.

This is one rare painting wherein the foreground and the background are as exceptional as the protagonists. The first thing that catches the eye is the ostentatious boat and the related craftsmanship. The entire boat is shaped like a big, extravagant harp. The ends of the boat are peacock heads with umbrellas fixed on their top. It is cramped with girls who are trying to woo the noble with their music, dance or simply their beauty. Two of them make themselves useful by rowing the boat, while some are just languishing. The noble seems interested in the one he has his arms around. All the girls are dressed in the same manner and are adorned with similar jewellery. The artist does not miss the opportunity to use the rainbow colours for the clothes of the women. The chandelier in the boat depicts it is equipped to light in case of dusk. The velvet of the umbrellas and the fine embroidery on it is achieved with finesse.

The noble’s turban with a plume, the jewellery, and his rich attire depict his high ranking.

The artists perspective travels a long distance. The calm lake dotted with lotus flowers, and the softly rising and falling valleys, painted in subtle blue and green, give way to a fiery sky, indicating the sunset.

This description by Renu Rana.

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