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Peacocks Atop The Sacred Tree

Peacocks Atop The Sacred Tree

Peacocks Atop The Sacred Tree

The vriksha (tree) is a sacred entity. As an image in Indian art, it stands for the dynamism of life, for fertility. It loves and gives unconditionally, and stands rooted to the bosom of the earth. It is the bestower of enlightenment, as witnessed by the ground beneath it on which the Buddha sat in unbroken dhyana (meditation). It is the epitome of steadiness, and provides for and shelters and nourishes, which is why Indian daughters are taught to imbibe the values of the vriksha.

The vriksha looms above life and spreads out its branches, indicative of its nurturing reach over us all. A single branch of this tree is captured in this painting, travelling rightward from its node to the left (as is obvious from the direction of decreasing diametre). Numerous smaller branches fill the frame with small grey leaves that are about to be kissed by the dew. The solid cobalt blue-coloured background betrays the tropical duskfall, which explains the peacocks about to roost.

Their pastel-coloured plumage breaks the green monotone of the painting. Their gorgeous blue bodies are coated with bright red feathers - note how their dense plumage covers all four edges of the painting. This work is an unconventional composition for a madhubani, one that would be an earthy yet eccentric addition to your space.

Item Code: DP09
Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
20 inch x 28 inch
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