A Prayer and Accompaniment to the Worship of Kali

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
11" x 15.5"
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Madhubani is the exclusive jurisdiction and monopoly of the women artists of Mithila and there is perhaps no country in the world where folk paintings is mastered by womenfolk only.

This painting is a prayer and an accompaniment to meditation. The Maithilas believe that if the painting is well executed and in accordance with ritual, the deity invoked will inhabit it.

The consort of Shiva assumes a different character from that in which she has so far been represented. She sits in the padmasana on a lotus seat here. In the four hands emanating from the shoulders, she holds a bow and arrows, a sickle and a rosary. She sets on the supine body of Shiva.

Beneath this picture is the sacred Shri Yantra, the most well known and fascinating of all yantras. The configuration producers a pattern of forty-three A. This structure is enclosed by two concentric lotus circles of eight and sixteen petals each enclosed within a square ground plan.

This description by Kiranjyot

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