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Shadbhuja Ganesha Seated on a Rat with Snakes as Dragons

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Shadbhuja Ganesha Seated on a Rat with Snakes as Dragons
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Lord Ganesh is one of Hinduism’s most prominent deities. He is the god of new beginnings and the lord who removes obstacles. Because of these, he is often invoked at the beginning of prayers or rituals, or when believers are set to undergo a major milestone and before making life decisions. He is traditionally depicted with an elephant head, often large in the proportion which signifies knowledge (Lord Ganesha is a god of arts and wisdom). He has big eyes to see beyond what the naked eyes see and big ears to listen to the universe well.

Along with his elephant head, Lord Ganesha is also usually depicted with a big, rounded belly. In this painting, he is pictured standing, in a heroic or battle stance against the enemy, the snake-dragons. His features are also true to tradition, one tusk is broken and has four hands each with a symbolic meaning. One hand holds a noose as a symbol for attachment (in a blessing mudra) while another holds an ax, use to cut down material attachment as well as Krodha or anger. He also holds his broken tusk on a third hand and a bowl of food on the fourth hand to symbolize the rewards of being wise. In most depictions, he is seen drawn with a small mouse, this time, the rides the rat in a bigger proportion. The rat used to mean that Ganesha can overcome obstacles of all sizes. On the rat, he is seated with one foot ready to touch the ground, while the other is resting on the knee which signifies him being of earth while also not being of it. The snake in his iconography is often seen around his waist or torso as a belt or a necklace. In this thangka, the snakes are depicted as dragons whom Ganesha defeat.

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Item Code: TO48
Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 10 inch X 15 inch
Size with Brocade 21 inch X 33.5 inch
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