Sheshashayi Vishnu Worshipped by Gods

Sheshashayi Vishnu Worshipped by Gods


This excellent mural is an illustration of the classical Indian art style where Lord Vishnu is portrayed in Shayanamurti (reclining form of Vishnu) and is surrounded by other gods who are worshipping him. This artistic interpretation of the Sheshashayi form of Vishnu is a later development in the Vaishnava shrines and was popular in regions of South India as compared to North and East India. Vishnu is considered to be the supreme deity in the Hindu trinity, pertaining the role to protect humans and to restore order to the world. Anup Gomay has amazingly given space to the dark blue sky and the constant waves formed in the water below.

Item Code: OW29
Oil on Canvas
Artist : Anup Gomay
72 inches x 48 inches

Oil painting is one of the most flexible and in-depth style of art that highlights each and every detail in utmost elegance and richness. Artist here has used superfine quality of oils and paints while portraying this scene from Hindu mythology, when the universe dissolved into the primordial waters at the end of age and Lord Vishnu is stretched out in Yoganidra on sesa (his serpent), formed like a couch and the five hoods forming an umbrella over him. The iconic blue hued Vishnu is garbed in a lavish yellow dhoti decorated with charming zari and green and red stones along with precious jewels ornated all over him complementing his South Indian styled densely chiselled crown; he holds a lotus in the left hand and right lies straight supporting the stance of his posture.

As shown here, Brahma dwells in the lotus arousing from Vishnu’s navel and goddess Lakshmi (Vishnu’s consort) resides in elegance on the pedestal in the front. The two asuras Madhu and Kaitabha who arose from the dirt in Vishnu’s ear are painted in green in the front on either side; various Vishnu’s avatar’s can be seen scattered around with the panel of various other gods and rishis standing in obeisance behind him. Each and every pattern is painted with subtle intricacy and highlighted beauty reminding us of the popular art style in medieval era.

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