Sri Vishnu and Lakshmi on Garuda

Sri Vishnu and Lakshmi on Garuda

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This watercolour composition represents Shri Lakshmi Devi sitting along with Lord Vishnu on a blooming sacred lotus which is placed over the huge back of the large bird Garuda, who is the vehicle of the Supreme Lordships.

Accompanied by his consort Lakshmi, the four handed form (chaturbhuja) Vishnu carries the bow, the arrow and the divine disc (Sudarshan Chakra) while holding his wife Lakshmi from the lower left hand. As Garuda is also holding the bow and arrow, it shows that all of them are going for a war and Vishnu is usually engaged in killing demons that disturbs the demigods.

Along with the brilliant description of Symbolic identities, the artist has also put a lot of effort in dressing up the characters both traditionally and fashionably. Here, Garuda wears a lavishing orange dhoti which is uniquely patterned and has been fully adorned in jewels and pearls all over. Throughout the paintings, Vishnu and Lakshmi are adorably decorated with the spiritual and transcendental ornaments all over with the stunning ethnic garments.

Bordered with the rectangular and floral illustrations, the orange outline over it provides a pleasant look as well as the mountains and the trees behind resembles the significance of nature and environment, the birds flying and chirping over the water body displays their happiness and joy as they are having the view of their Presiding Deities Shri Lakshmi Narayan. The sky behind looks like the Sun has been set or is going to be set soon.

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Item Code: HD47
Water Color On Paper
Artist Kailash Raj
8.0" X 10.0"
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