Tree Of Life In The Likeness Of A Leaf

Tree Of Life In The Likeness Of A Leaf

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The tree occupies pride of place in Indian culture. It is a symbol of all that is sattvik - stable and substantial, immortally compassionate and beauteous. It gives of itself unconditionally in order to nurture equally those who seek and those who do not seek. The visual trope of the tree of life gained increasing prominence in the art produced in the subcontinent after the Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha in the shade of the Bodhi tree at Gaya. The painting that you see on this page is in keeping with this age-old tradition.

The fabric canvas is made from tussar silk, a kind of pure homegrown silk known for its matte shimmer and sturdiness. Dyed a milk white colour, the subject has been executed thereon with the superb precision of the brush. A perfectly symmetrical shape - a wide canopy tapers sharply upwards along a slender, solid green stem, making for an elongated, curvaceous silhouette in the likeness of a single one of its leaves. In addition to its gorgeous shape, the luxuriant canopy is filled in with superb detail, which is best appreciated by zooming in on the same. The thin, soft, winding tendrils in green; the quivering leaves of pale gray stemming from them; and the tender fruits in crimson and scarlet.

While the colour palette comprises basic green, gray, and red in a couple of shades (the same colours are to be found in the motifs along the edges), the predominant colour of this composition is an all-pervading white.

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Color Painting On Tussar Silk

Artist : Rabi Behra
39 inch x 21.5 inch
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