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Wheel Of Life

Wheel Of Life
That the nature of existence is irreversible and cyclical is a basic tenet of Buddhism. The wheel of life, therefore, is a popular subject with traditional artists, as could be seen in this thangka. It depicts the wheel of life, the Buddha a part of each of the stages contained within. The wheel is clasped in the claws of the Kirtimukham, a creature of annihilation in Hindu-Buddhist myth that spares not even the self. In a powerful symbol, it is shown setting its formidable teeth and claws upon the wheel of dharma.

The composition that you see on this page is predominantly a bitone number. The deep, solid black of the backdrop has been superimposed with dense proportions of gold. The colour has been applied intricately, setting off each detail that you see in the foreground - landscapes and templetops in the panels within the circle, the miniscule Buddha figures in each, and the richly detailed edge of the circle.

While hints of blue, pink, and ochre are to be found within the wheel of life in this thangka, the shades and tints of crimson on the body of the Kirtimukham is the major infusion of colour. The palms of its hands and the soles of its feet are a bright scarlet, its wrathful face and ferocious limbs a deep carmine. Standing Bodhisattvas on the two upper corners; mythical, serpentine creatures across the bottom.

Item Code: TE14
Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface - 21.5 inch X 30 inch
Size with Brocade - 30.5 inch X 45.5 inch

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