11" Blessing Ganesha Mask Wall Hanging In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

11" Blessing Ganesha Mask Wall Hanging In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Lord Ganesha, the preserver deity, is valued equally in all forms. This wall hanging is an artistic brass creation of Ganesha head having large and wide open eyes symbolic of his sharp vigilance over the prevailing negativities in the environment. Sculptor’s love for creativity and for perfection can be analyzed by the way every part of his face is beautifully ornamented in lavish carvings, keeping the precision of detailed patterns intact. One of the most astonishing parts is the perfect balance of his blessing hand in-between his right flapping ear and the trunk coiled at the bottom. Notice the blossomed lotus flower chiselled on his ears that complements to Lord Ganesha’s persona of purity and delicacy.

Each and every carve of his embellishments is inspired by a varied pattern of flowers depicting the sculptor’s love for floral designs and his creativity by twisting and turning them for a unique look. Starting from the royal crown, it is carved with a band of leaves at the hem and has a slightly pointed top formed in multiple layers. The middle space is occupied with a pattern of mesh and dots. The nettipattom (leaf-like jewel on Ganesha’s forehead) is decorated with a beaded border and beauteous carves of flowers and vines. Even the trunk is festooned in floral etchings and it also holds a tiny flower stem in its coil.

You can have this wall hanging hung near your entrance, so Lord Ganesha blesses whoever enters your house or just hang it anywhere on any empty wall for a spiritually lavish décor to your house or office interiors.

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