12" Krodha Vajrapani - Tibetan Buddhist Diety in Copper | Handmade | Made In Nepal

12" Krodha Vajrapani - Tibetan Buddhist Diety in Copper | Handmade | Made In Nepal

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Vajrapani is a personification of Buddha's power in a wrathful aspect. He is one of the three main protective deities surrounding the Buddha, others being, Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri, personifications of Buddha's compassion and wisdom, respectively. His skin is the colour of deep, temperate dusk with dark undertones, a tint that represents his all-encompassing nature. The colourful tiger-skin loincloth, along with his jewellery in silver and red, complements his characteristic complexion. 

Item Code: ZEM852
12.50 inch Height x 9.20 inch Width x 4.20 inch Depth
3.50 kg

Take note of the authentic glacial area that serves as the pedestal, the lifelike sparks behind the Lord's halo, and the dynamic posture of the richly etched digits. This vigorous masterpiece is done in the colours of blue and gold. Vajrapani stands depicted in blue, his hair in shades of yellow ochre. He is the wrathful Dharmapala in this portrayal, surrounded by flames, he wears a stately crown matched with a fierce tiger skin.

A serpent necklace coils around his neck. He holds a lasso in his left hand to capture the demons. And finally true to his name, his right hand carries the vajra (Tibetan Dorje), or the thunderbolt. In this supremely intricate piece of artistic creation, Vajrapani is depicted as a fierce wrathful deity in the centre of this beautiful Thangka painting. However, we can also detect wonderful representations of the other sacred Buddist symbols.

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