13" Gautam Buddha Preaching His Dharma - Tibetan Buddhist In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

13" Gautam Buddha Preaching His Dharma - Tibetan Buddhist In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Gautama Buddha is the founder of Buddhism and he in his journey towards enlightenment preached his disciples of living a life free of material desires and riches. The word Buddha means ‘enlightened’, therefore he was considered to be an extraordinary man and not a god who by his meditation and wisdom taught the four noble truths, which are said to be essential to understand dharma. He sits here in his popular lotus posture; left hand holds the begging bowl that identifies him as the head of the order and right is held in Vitarka mudra with thumb and index finger joined together symbolizing transmission of dharma. He is carved in his usual iconography of long earlobes, conch lines on the neck, wavy dot on the forehead (third eye of wisdom) and the perfectly coiled short hairs.

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Brass Statue
13.20 inch Height X 10.20 inch Width x 7.00 inch Depth
6.60 kg

Apart from it having a finite iconography, the sculptor has very precisely carved the sleek and pointed nose, minutely curved lips to form a smile, high brows and the deeply chiselled eyes, closed in his Dhyana. The most eye catchy feature is the robe that covers this divine philosopher’s body in a sober manner; decorated beautifully with multicolored beads of reconstituted stones, forming an alluring double layered dark blue border followed by alternate colored red and blue beads arranged vertically in dual parallel stripes. These stripes are separated by thin layers of silver and copper stones placed in a wavy shape. The large silver flower patch on both the knees reflects the carver’s creativity and perfectionism.

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