14" Standing Devi Saraswati | Handmade

14" Standing Devi Saraswati | Handmade

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One fine day, the Gandharva guarding the pot of amrita or the elixir of immortality grew curious about its powers and stole it. Devlok was hit by chaos and to bring back balance, Devi Sarasvati decided to pay the thieving Gandharva a visit, with only one instrument to assist her- her veena. Disguised as a bewitching lady, Devi Sarasvati entered the Gandharva lok. The residents were so smitten with her beauty and tunes of her veena, that in return for the knowledge of that music, they agreed on giving the amrita back to the devas. Devi Sarasvati won a battle using only wisdom and the charms of music.

This brass Sarasvati murti represents Devi as an exquisite maiden, similar to the one who impressed the divine Gandharvas. Devi has only two hands in which she is gracefully holding her veena. She has a mid-parted bun and her head has no elaborate crown. Her eyes appear meditative. From her flowing uttariya (cloth wrapped around her arms) to her fingers on the veena, this depiction of Devi Sarasvati in metal is quite lifelike. Two stylised peacocks sit on either of her shoulders, blending into her uttariya, which looks like the feather of these magnificent creatures. Unlike the traditional representations of Devi, this brass Sarasvati is a rare example with no supernatural attributes, a true portrayal of the elegance of art and knowledge. 

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14.00 inch Height X 6.00 inch Width X 4.00 inch Depth
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