15" Tibetan Buddhist Green Tara with Superfine Colorful Inlay Work In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

15" Tibetan Buddhist Green Tara with Superfine Colorful Inlay Work In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Tibetan Buddhist Green Tara represents enlightened activity and abundance. She liberates fellow beings from the pain of mental delusions and negativity that create chaos in our lives. Tibetan Buddhist worship the Goddess to seek her blessings to cure their ailments or for good luck when they are preparing for a long journey.  


Exotic India presents a brass statue of Tibetan Buddhist Green Tara with splendid colorful inlay work. Regarding the iconography of Goddess green Tara, her body is decked up with beautiful jewels. The intricate inlay work done with complete dedication on her superfine garments is simply outstanding. The vivid combination of red, blue, and sea green stones for her necklaces and armlets increases her grace. The stole around her arms and shoulders is beautify with red stones and bordered with a lining of golden beads. The fine detailing of the upper and lower garment with blue and red stones looks remarkable. The extended portion of the garment lies gracefully around the legs of the deity.  She sits with one leg drawn inwards in a meditative posture while the other leg stretches out that symbolizes the compassionate nature of the Goddess who is ever ready to protect her followers from the sufferings that they experience in the world. Her right hand is resting on her knee and holds crossed Vajra while her left hand is raised before the chest and holds a silver Vajra-bell. Along the right and left arms Utpala flowers are handcrafted with red and green stones reflecting purity and power. The crown has fine engravings in combination with red and sea green stones. If one observes carefully, then one realize that facial features are carved with great perfection and the gentle smile with a slightly tilted head signifies maternal compassion.

The earnest prayer to the goddess will guide and encourage us towards tranquillity, discernment, and eventually enlightenment.

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