24" Gautam Buddha Preaching His Dharma | Brass Buddha | Handmade

24" Gautam Buddha Preaching His Dharma | Brass Buddha | Handmade

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The figure of the seated-contemplative Buddha, steady and turned deeply inward. Long limbs gathered in padmasana; a tiny almsbowl, barely enough to sustain prana within the body, balanced on the palm nestling in His lap. Erstwhile prince of the Shakya clan, then wandering mendicant, the chhavi (image) of the Buddha that you see on this page is the very picture of enlightenment.

Sculpted from brass, it is a bitone composition. The predominant colour, a deep matte charcoal, is the colour scripturally associated with sattvaguna or the attribute of steadiness. Strategically introduced bits of silver - the hems of His robe, the curls on His head, and the lotus petals on the throne beneath Him - add a world of detail to the silhouette.

Zoom in on the face and the neck of the Buddha. Minimalistic engravings convey a composure of solemnity and introspection. The three curves etched against the neck are symbolic of His voice as sweet as the conch. As striking as it is, such a colour scheme would look good in a wide variety of interiors.

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24.00 inch Height X 19.50 inch Width X 11.80 inch Depth
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