27" The Future Buddha Maitreya -Tibetan Buddhist with Inlay Work | Handmade

27" The Future Buddha Maitreya -Tibetan Buddhist with Inlay Work | Handmade

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Maitreya, the friendly one, is the future Buddha who will appear in the age following that of Buddha Shakyamuni. Before ascending to Tushita heaven, Shakyamuni Buddha announced his successor. He proclaimed that he would be born in Kentumati. Maitreya, which means 'loving-kindness,' is a great bodhisattva who is destined to become the Buddha of the next age, and the fifth in line among the thousand Buddhas of the great epoch. He currently resides in Tushita, his pure land.

Maitreya is represented both as a Buddha and Boddhisattva, as in the bronze. He is depicted here reclining on six ornament throne of enlightenment, his feet resting on the seed-head of a pink lotus that floats above a rippling lake in western fashion. He's dressed in a Buddhist monk inlaid in semiprecious stone. Notice the lapis lazuli and coral dotted on this sublime figurine of future Buddha. His hands are clasped in front of his heart in the Dhammachakra known as the 'turning the Wheel of the Dharma'

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Brass with Inlay Work
27.00 inch Height X 18.00 inch Width X 12.00 inch Depth
21.80 kg

The brass statue is gilded in inlaid work and dotted gemstone work. The motif of inlay is tourmaline green and synthetic coral capturing the magnificence of the statute. Khata, the sacred scarf, is made of lapis lazuli, supple and slightly moiré with long fringes. Maitreya’s features are serene and sublime, and upon the ushnisha or 'wisdom protuberance' that crowns his head is a small lotus-mounted coronet that is embossed in stonework. The throne of enlightenment is wreathed in flowers, leaves, Buddhist deities, and animals’ string with pearls and precious jewels.  The stupa is heavenly decorated in filigree lines and mirror-like work which excludes the prospective arrival of Maitreya. 

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