29" Bitone Mahaparinirvana Buddha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

29" Bitone Mahaparinirvana Buddha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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11.50 inch Height X 29.00 inch Width X 6.50 inch Depth
21.16 kg

The Buddha contains multitudes. The life of a prince of the Shakya clan that could not prevent him from turning to mendicancy and asceticism; year after year of grave austerity and introspection; and, finally, enlightenment. It goes without saying that a life like this descends not into death as its natural course, but into nirvana: the elusive freedom from birth and death and rebirth that ensnare us all.

The murti of the Buddha that you see on this page captures Him within moments of the great nirvana or the mahaparinirvana (‘maha’ is Sanskrt for great; ‘pari’, for that which comes after). He lies on one side, with the head gently propped upon the palm of the right hand (in which direction the body is turned in all mahaparinirvana iconography). He is clad in a robe of molten gold colour - such is the quality of the brass make - from the folds of which His gentle hand and feet emerge in a contrasting inky colour. But for the robe, the tips of the digits, and the long-lobed ears, this figure is dyed a sharp charcoal shade.

There is perfect calm and beauty in the face of the departing monk. The transcendental composure of those princely features adds both life and divinity to the composition.

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