29" The Glamour Of Lord Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

29" The Glamour Of Lord Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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A regal Lord Ganesha murti would be a fine addition to your home or office temple. Sculpted from brass and seated on a bed of lotus, the son of Shiva looks every bit the prince of paraloka that He is. It is a striking, tri-tone composition - the complexion of Lord Ganesha is a pale golden colour, His adornments a deep vivid gold, and the lotus-throne and crown and halo a fluid metallic red. Note how the kamalasana (‘kamala’ is Sanskrt for lotus; ‘asana’, for seat) has been sculpted with remarkable detail and precision.

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Brass Statue
29.20 inch Height x 19.50 inch Width x 13.00 inch Depth
44 kg

Zoom in on the same to take in the delicately sculpted shapes of the petals. On a bed of petals sits a gigantic bloom, with a mouse, the Ganeshavahana, tugging at it. There are engravings upon the bodies of the petals as well as the garb of the little mouse. A clutch of vines are on either side of the body of the kamalasana. In fact, this murti is rich in engravings: the same are to be found as embroidery upon the Lord’s dhoti and serrations on His elephant trunk.

The sheer proportion of jewellery on Lord Ganesha’s body is indicative of the sculptor’s skill as well as shraddha. Flowers and jewels abound, each of them an offering of His many devotees. They enhance the childlike beauty of His chubby form, the wisdom and innocence of His stance. The ornate, haloed crown that sits above the trishoola tilaka (trident tattoo) on the mid-brow is as good as an aureole.

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