30" Superfine Maa Durga (Sherawali Maa) | White Marble | Handmade | Made In India

30" Superfine Maa Durga (Sherawali Maa) | White Marble | Handmade | Made In India

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Adi-Shakti, the divine feminine that originated from all the gods’ combined wrath and powers, had a marvelous form. The allure of her beauty was such that her foe, the demon Mahishasur himself was captivated by its accounts and vowed to make the fabled beauty his wife. The measly demon was clearly not aware of the magnitude of the great goddess’s powers- who is the embodiment of Maya (illusion) that caused him to feel enchanted by her, and the destroyer of all illusions. The goddess, Adi Shakti, also known as Durga amongst the Hindu Shakta followers, in all her divine glory, can not be experienced and visualized by just everyone. It takes a devout and pure mind to comprehend her form, a task which is perfectly done by the maker of this exquisite marble sculpture of Maa Durga- the great mother of us all. 

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White Marble
30.00 inch Height X 24.50 inch Width X 8.00 inch Depth
76 kg

Instead of her vigorous, attacking posture, Devi Durga sits tranquil, on the back of her mount lion, who himself has given up the viciousness he displays on the battlefield, and appears quite calm for a wild beast. With his sturdy legs and majestic mane, the lion is a befitting throne for the Goddess who destroys entire armies of demons in moments. In the posture of royal ease, the mother of the universe, faces her devotees and children, with a motherly affection spread across her heavenly visage. Her saree, a light pink shade, appears to be a long and soft petal of a fresh lotus, worn by the goddess since no earthly fabric is worthy enough of being her attire. Mata Durga is adorned with heavenly jewels and a regal crown. The weapons held in her hands do not appear to be dangerous but are only present as symbols of her actual potencies, a reminder to her dear children, that the affectionate mother is ever-ready to protect them. With a multitude of colors, a touch of golden shade, and tiny jewels, the celestial glory of Maa Durga is skillfully encapsulated in this marble idol, which for her devotees, is a boon from Maa Durga herself.

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