34" Large Size Padmahasta Lakshmi In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

34" Large Size Padmahasta Lakshmi In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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One of Lakshmi's many epithets is 'Padmahasta,' or one who holds a lotus. Here the four-armed goddess of abundance majestically displays two blooming lotus buds in her upraised hands. The other two arms make the mudra of boon-granting (varada) and fearlessness (abhaya) respectively. Engraved all over the open palms are auspicious symbols.

Seated on a double lotus pedestal with her left leg tucked under the right, Lakshmi is lavishly adorned with jewlery including numerous bracelets, armlets, and well-delinetaed multiple strands of collar necklaces. A similalry decorated waistband holds together her dhoti, whose folds can be seen clinging to her legs, empasizing their litheness. 

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Brass Sculpture
34.0" X 23.0 X 15.0"
38.80 kg

The prominent leaf-like tilak on her forehead reminds one of her vegetative associations. The calm, slightly smiling, introspective face is a sure sign of a master sculptor at work. The beauty of the face is further highlighted by the arched eyebrows as it is by the two circular earrings falling symmetrically across it. The slightly open lips too contribute to the overall serenity of the expression, the lower lip being slightly thicker than the upper.

The thin waist tapers up to the contrasting, abundant, neatly-formed bosom. The sphere-like breasts are nearly ideal, and are graced with well defined tips. The sacred thread courses between them like a river.

The goddess is adorned with a towering crown known in iconographical texts as the 'Kiritamukuta.' This is literally and metaphorically the highest of all crowns. The shape is that of a rather conical cylinder, similar to a mitre, ending in a knot or point. When worn by a goddess, this signifies that she has a rank among the highest of all deities.

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